Online Books

In news insight, technology on November 28, 2007 at 9:04 am

After looking into eReaders and where this technology is going, one has to see the correlation between this technology and these types of projects. The Associated Press has an article on Carnegie Mellon University’s project to put books online, similar to the Gutenberg Project or Google’s book project. Currently, CMU’s project has about 1.5 million books with thousands more added each day.

Amazon’s Kindle is on the right track by including the ability to connect, via WIFI or broadband cellular, to the internet and download books to satisfy our “I want it now” cravings. Sure, Amazon will profit off of this and this will be good for them. But they are setting the bar. Someone will come along with the same desire to spread knowledge that founded the $100 laptop project and combine eReaders with online book projects and create an eReader that can access the online book projects almost anywhere you are.


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