A Jumbled Mess

In news insight, the bible on November 29, 2007 at 6:20 pm

Michael Luo has a posting on the New York Times Politics blog describing Wednesday’s “CNN YouTube Republican” debate. He focused on one particular question given to Mit Romney about whether he believes the Christian Bible to be the word of God. Mit’s response wasn’t all that interesting, but I found the writer’s response very interesting:

As the Bible was compiled, organized, translated, and transcribed, many errors entered the text. The existence of such errors becomes apparent when one considers the numerous and often conflicting translations of the Bible in existence today. Careful students of the Bible are often puzzled by apparent contradictions and omissions. Many people have also been curious about references by biblical prophets to books or scriptural passages that are not currently in the Bible.


It would be nice to have seen some references for this statement. This is a common belief for a lot of people though and we need to be thinking about it as we discuss these things with unbelievers. Monergism has a wealth of information to help you if you’d like some more information on biblical inerrancy, the formation of the canon, etc. to help with your apologetic formation.

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