Fake Men of God

In news insight on November 30, 2007 at 11:51 am

I found an interesting article on AllAfrica.com about “fake” men of God exploiting Christians in Africa. One pastor was quoted saying:

those fake pastors who are exploiting the word of God at the expense of some vulnerable Christians must be very careful for they cannot stand the wrath of God on the judgment day.

It is difficult to hear this type of news, but the believers there know the Word of God and they know that there will always be people who try to use Christianity for their own appetites:

He quoted scripture saying that the weed and the fruits should be left to grow together until the harvest time when the weeds would be uprooted and burnt living the fruits.

He therefore explained that these fake men of God do not need to be curbed out of the system now but must be left because they will receive the reward of destruction at God’s own appointed time if they do not change their ways before the harvest (rapture).

Nevertheless, he cautioned Christians to shun the act of following prophecies and miracles performed by such Pastors and learn the word of God on their own in order to identify the fake men of God who take them for granted.

This reminded me of a great clip from John Piper:

Click here if the above link doesn’t work


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