The Enemy Within

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The Enemy WithinI stumbled onto a fantastic book, The Enemy Within, by Kris Lundgaard. The Enemy Within is a great work on the power of indwelling sin and what can be done to help in the battle against sin. The book relies heavily on John Owen’s works, which can be found here. Owen may be difficult for some to read through considering the language and style he uses, but for sure it is well worth the effort to read through them.

When I read through books, I scribble notes in the margins and underline things I find interesting. Usually the notes are illegible to anyone but myself and that’s ok because I take notes for myself anyway. I did not want to keep these notes for myself though, this book has great value to all believers since we all struggle with sin in some form. I am posting some PDF slides that are a quick summary of the book. They probably will not be very useful if you haven’t read through the book or do not have a copy of the book in front of you though so I would encourage to pick up this book for yourself.

Here is the first slide with a quick summary of the book:

  • Sin must be mortified in the believer
  • The flesh wars against three areas in the believer:
    • the mind – the watchman of the soul
    • the affections – the desires of the soul
    • the will – the doer of the soul
  • Sin occurs when any area is dragged away in temptation and the other two follow
  • Mortification is done in faith, with the Spirit because of the work done on the cross by Jesus to make us into God’s holy people
  • We must understand how the flesh wages war if we are to have any victory over it

Download the slides here


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