Lost in Translation(s and packaging); part II

In personal on January 30, 2008 at 8:26 pm

About a month ago, I shared a story about a man I gave a copy of the Bible to. I didn’t expect to hear from him ever again given the fact that he lives on the other side of the country. But one month later, I am truly excited.

He is reading it.

He is sharing it with his family.

He is reading it to his kids and they are interested in what it says. The Word of God is in his house and it is going forth. Please join me in praying that Christ would open his heart.

  1. Matt:13;23 will be the prayer I proclaim for this man. We must always scatter the seed, whether business trip, vacation, grocery store……………….. God is always ready to use us….
    I was contacted 19 years after witnessing to a person who told me after 14 years of thought and contemplating and the spirit stiring him, he choose Christ. He made sure to find me to encourage me that it isn’t always in our time but never rush the growth or acceptance of one’s heart to the LOrd. Believe on the seed you scatter!
    Jason, I enjoy your blog and getting to know you and your passions. Praise God for the gift of marriage my daughter has with you!!!!! Love you! MOM

  2. what a great comment from my most faithful reader!

    19 years is a long time to wait…did you think a lot about this person during that whole time?

  3. Without a doubt I wondered what this persons life was like. I was shocked when he came to me and my husband and told us his testimony. The years that came in between our meetings had me hold little hope that he had really embraced Christ. This is why now as impatient as I get with some emerging beleivers, once again I am reminded “He makes all things beautiful in His time”.

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