A (small) Call to Christian Bloggers

In technology on February 21, 2008 at 8:17 pm


I would like to suggest to those who blog regularly on Christian topics and would consider their blog to be a “Christian blog” to look into making it available on the Kindle.

  • What this means – anyone who subscribes to your blog would have your posts sent to their Kindles automatically, every day. Subscribers pay between $0.99 and $1.99 per month to Amazon to subscribe to your blog. I doubt bloggers see much, if any, financial profit in this but that’s a rare goal to have in what we do.
  • Why do it – as of now, they have a few categorized blogs available to subscribe to but there is not even a category for “Religion/Spirituality”. Judging from the online form, they are looking to begin one though. So, I would love to see the majority of what I consider the good, Christian blogs out there made available for people.
  • How to do it – if you want to submit your blog to the Amazon Kindle website to have it listed and made available for people to subscribe to, click here. You will fill out a form and then receive an email asking for more information. From what I can tell, someone will read through your blog and see if they want to list it. I haven’t gotten further than this so I can’t tell you what’s next…
  • Why I think this is important -I’ve submitted my blog to Kindle and the email I received back is very crude, which tells me they are really just beginning this process and are early on in the development. My small call is for Christians to be at the forefront of this just in case it actually takes off rather than playing catch-up with technology as we occasionally do. I’m not highly optimistic that a lot of people are going to pay for blogs that they can get for free but, who knows, maybe this fee-based thing will go away soon if the popularity is strong enough (or if advertisers have a chance to play). I think there is a lot of good material out there that folks, believers and non, can benefit from.

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