D.A. Carson Lectures

In links on April 12, 2008 at 2:16 pm

D.A. Carson spoke, along with Steve Lawson and Tim Challies, at the Nashville Conference on the Church and Theology. These are from back in February but I just now got around to listening to them. (HT: Andy Naselli)

I was particularly helped by Carson’s We Preach Christ Crucified which outlined the gospel very well.

ipodAlso, if I may, I’d just like to point out what a blessing it is for me to have sermons/lectures/conference audio to listen to while I’m in the car. I’m sure everyone has their methods for doing this but here is how I go about it, hopefully this encourages you to make good use of your time sitting in traffic:

  1. Get yourself an MP3 player and a cassette adapter for your car stereo, it doesn’t have to be an iPod, any device will do
  2. Find some preachers/teachers you enjoy listening to and download them to your computer (try here, here, or here for some help)
  3. Create a playlist on your computer and call it “unheard sermons” add all the sermons you downloaded to that playlist
  4. Sync your MP3 player with your computer and select your unheard sermons playlist next time you hop in your car
  5. As you listen to sermons remove them from your playlist so that you know which ones you’ve listened to in the past
  6. As you download more sermons, be sure to add them to the end of the list so that you don’t skip any

Please let me know if you have found a different or better way of doing this, I’d love to hear of better methods!


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