Did Anyone Notice Google Reader's New Feature Today?

In technology on May 5, 2008 at 8:59 pm

notesGoogle announced a new feature for their Reader today, they’re calling it Notes. It gives you the ability to share whatever tidbits you find on the web almost instantaneously, you can even add your own commentary to the shared note while you’re at it. Simply copy the stuff you’d like others to see and click on the “Note in Reader” button on your toolbar, a small window pops up allowing you to add commentary if you’d like, otherwise you’re done.

This sharing feature is interesting, for instance, I use the shared feature in Google Reader to share articles with folks that aren’t interested in reading a lot of blogs but would like to read some of the “headline” type posts. I have an aggregator picking up that feed and displaying it for them so they don’t have to learn how to use Google Reader (not that that is very hard, just look at Abraham Piper’s post to learn). The only issue I see with this sharing feature is that you have to befriend folks to really use it, kind of like Facebook. So for instance, if folks subscribe to my blog feed, they would have to also subscribe to my Google-shared feed to get these additional Notes. Not a big deal, but I’m not sure how useful this is yet. Folks always get creative with these things so I’ll be interested to see how this new feature gets used.


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