Nehemiah: Setting Goals

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The end of Nehemiah’s prayer indicates that he had gotten a task from God during his four months of prayer and fasting. Nehemiah now had a single, definitive goal: get the wall built.

The Importance of Having Clear Goals

In any project you must have one or two clear goals. How will you know when you’ve finished if you don’t know what you’re working on? If your goals are clearly stated then when problems come up you can know which ones need to be addressed and which ones aren’t really problems at all. With well-defined goals you can bypass any distractions because you know that they will take you down a path that will not allow you to achieve the goal. Any action taken either gets you closer to finishing or wastes resources.

We’ll see Nehemiah distracted by those outside the project and by those within. There were plenty of escape routes for him to give up on the wall. But he kept his focus on what he knew God had given him to do and worked towards that goal.

What Are Your Goals?

A project can be anything from reading a book to losing weight or delivering a piece of software. Take a moment now to look at a few of the projects you have before you. Can you state in a few words what the goal is for each one? Are the actions you are taking leading you towards finishing?

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