Nehemiah: Planning, Part 1

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Nehemiah went through two phases of planning. He first needed a plan to get from Susa to Jerusalem. Then he could inspect the damage and develop a plan to fix the wall. Both plans have the same goal: get the wall built.

What Do You Need?

Nehemiah had a fantastic opportunity with the king one day. The leader of the largest empire in the world asked him, “What are you requesting?” and Nehemiah was ready with a response. He knew he needed to get to Israel (king’s escort) and he knew he needed to build the wall (supplies). So he asked and received. The king then wanted to know how long it would take him. Again, Nehemiah was ready.

We don’t always have it so easy that the boss asks us, “What do you need?” usually we have to make the effort to go and ask. In either case, we should know the answer to that question before we begin the actual work. Once you know what you need and how long it will take you, you can be confident when you go before the decision makers and the ones holding the resources. If you’ve done the hard work of planning it takes the stress off the decision maker because they can see the whole picture.

Arm yourself with a plan, then go get what you need to do it.

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