Nehemiah: Planning, Part 2

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Read through Part 1.

Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem with his entourage but for three days he kept his goal (get the wall built) to himself. His entourage was clueless and so were the people he’d need to enlist to do the physical labor. Then, in the middle of the night, he snuck off to go inspect the wall in detail. Every inch of it.

Why did he keep this a secret from everyone?

Do You Have All The Details Yet?

Morale drops when someone asks the leader a question about the project and the leader has no answer. We start to lose trust in leadership. Nehemiah didn’t let this happen. Before he announced that he was going to rebuild the wall he made sure he had everything mapped out.

When Nehemiah told the people that God was with him and that they would rebuild the wall there was no discussion about it. The people simply answered, “let us rise up and build.” If you want this kind of response to your project give people a reason to respond this way. Give people details before they ask.

Here are the details of Nehemiah’s plan, he knew:

  • God was with them
  • the goal, the point where he could say it was finished
  • how long the rebuilding would take
  • what supplies were necessary
  • how many workers were needed
  • where each family would work

Imagine your response if someone comes to you and asks for help and lays out all these details before you. Will questions immediately start forming in your head that will cause doubt? Won’t happen. Isn’t it great when someone removes the hurdles before they are formed?

It is exciting for people to be part of something you have given them a detailed vision of. Go create your detailed plan and develop this kind of trust.

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