Nehemiah: Focus On People

In Uncategorized on February 16, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Everyone is on board with Nehemiah’s single goal, get the wall built, but now they are in the thick of it doing the actual work.

Cogs or Humans?

Looking at chapter 3 we see the people are told to rebuild the area of the wall closest to their own homes. The alternative would be to break up the work into corporatized chunks so that if you can swing a hammer you are on hammer duty in whatever area needs it but if you can lay brick you need to lay brick somewhere else. This adds a layer of complexity in the hope that you’ll be done a week earlier but makes it less relational in the process. This places the value on the work rather than the people doing the work.

By allowing people to work on what they really want to (their own neighborhood) you’ve let people work like human beings, not specalized cogs. Look at what this accomplishes:

  • motivating – everyday you go to sleep seeing what you’ve accomplished and you wake up knowing what is ahead of you. This is refreshing and motivating.
  • morale boosting – your family and friends are near-by as you work, lending support and encouragement.
  • efficient – all the supplies and tools you need are right there, you don’t have to go home on your lunch break because you forgot your hammer. Speaking of lunch breaks; you don’t have to question where you are going to eat because your family is preparing food right across the street.
  • confidence boosting – you know the area around your home better than anyone else, who better to work on it? You can be confident that the things you are fixing are the right things because you saw how they were supposed to look everyday. This also gives you the opportunity to fix anything you didn’t like before.
  • helpful – you know your neighbors are right down the road working on the wall as well. If you need help lifting bricks you know exactly who to turn to.
  • community building – everyone on the block is working towards the same goal. This creates a great bond between people. It also helps resolve any conflicts that might come up because you all want the same outcome.

Look at the ways you’re working with people right now, are you doing them in the way Jesus commanded you to, in love?


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