Priority Setting

In Uncategorized on March 18, 2010 at 7:59 am

A common trend I’ve seen for setting priorities is to make up a list and assign a number to each item on the list. This list becomes your “priority list” and you make decisions about how you spend your time and resources based on this ordered list. The top of the list is your highest priority and the bottom is your lowest. Here’s a recent example:

  1. Jesus
  2. Spouse (if applicable)
  3. Children (if applicable)
  4. Ministry/Vocation

So, your top priority is Jesus, and then once you are done with him you should focus on your spouse. This might just be the way I’m thinking about these ordered lists but that is how it appears to me. Let me restate what I think is wrong: your top priority is Jesus and then once you are done with him you focus on the next thing.

Creating ordered lists like this appears to be putting your relationship with the Lord in a box. You have one box for your spouse, one for your children, and one for the Lord. Taking this one step further, you’ve separated Jesus from the rest of your life. It cultivates a religious worldview rather than one that is transformed by the gospel.

Author Chris Tomlinson said in a recent post:

the gospel touches every part of our lives—that it is the firm foundation on which we walk in our journey of faith.

He is exactly right, Jesus will have an impact on every area of our lives. He is just as concerned with what you do Monday – Saturday as He is with what you do Sunday mornings.

I like ordered lists. I would change the tone though because I think it has a life-altering impact on how you set your priorities. What are your roles (for men):

  1. Christian male
  2. Christian husband
  3. Christian father
  4. Christian minister
  5. Christian employee

Christian, I ask you, how will you fulfill each of these roles? Has each one  been renewed by the Lord Jesus Christ?


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