Nehemiah: Down To The Smallest Detail

In Uncategorized on March 22, 2010 at 6:57 am

It would be easy to skip over Nehemiah 7. It’s just a list of names. Why bother reading over names that you’ll never need to know? Here is a verse that might help put that thought into perspective:

7:5 “Then my God put it into my heart to assemble the nobles and the officials and the people to be enrolled by genealogy.”

The verses that follow are the list of names that God put it into the heart of Nehemiah to compile.

God Cares About Everything

Don’t miss out on this, it’s fantastic. God made sure, by putting the desire in Nehemiah, that all of the names of the people were recorded. No one was left out. What a detailed God we have! When I stop and think about the size of God’s creation and how many people have lived on this planet I am in awe of how God can keep track of it all. Then to think that each individual human is important to him reminds me that God does not forget me.

My wife and I love to tell the story of our meeting, engagement, and wedding planning. It’s a great story because you can see the details of how God providentially worked all of the details out. As we talk through it we are again reminded of all of the different ways God works in His creation. Then, after we’re finished telling the story, I seem to be more mindful of God’s sovereignty and I can’t help but see it in every detail afterwards.

Look back at Nehemiah. Israel now has a recorded history of all of the people who came out of exile and helped rebuild the wall. They can tell this story to anyone who asks. They can tell this story to their children. They can tell this story to us who read it. All of the details are there, kept forever in the book. Whenever they question God’s control, as we all do in difficult circumstances, they can go back to this story and recount all of the wonderful things God has done.

Here is a great exercise: take one situation in your life that has brought you joy, start at the ending point, then work your way backwards. Try to remember all of the details in how that outcome came about. That’s it. Just that alone will get you thinking about the greatness of God.


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