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Why Do We Love Expository Preaching; An Example

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A great sermon on 1 Timothy 6 from Ed Nalle, Executive Pastor at Reston Bible Church. A good example from my previous post. Enjoy!


Why Do We Love Expository Preaching?

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A definition first from the 9Marks website:

Expositional Preaching – a sermon which takes the point of the text as the point of the sermon

Kind of short but it gets the point across if you have never heard of expositional preaching. I would think most people are familiar with topical preaching, where the preacher picks a topic, loving your neighbor for example, and then finds supporting verses in the Bible that back up his argument. Expository preaching differs in that the preacher picks a text and then opens up the meaning of that text for the duration of the sermon. We have an early example of this in Nehemiah 8 when Ezra read through the Law from early morning until midday and gave sense to the reading so that the people could understand (verse 8). So topical preaching would answer the question what does God’s word have to say about xyz and expository preaching would answer the question what does God’s word say?


The pastor at my family’s church is difficult to categorize but he is typically textual (he begins with a text but that text is not always his main point). A few weeks back his Easter sermon (audio/video) was an exposition of Luke 24 (The road to Emmaus). I have heard so many people say how great a sermon it was over the past few weeks. It was a great sermon no doubt, but I suspect the reason for all the buzz is that we really love expository preaching and here’s why I think that:

  1. Not from man, but God – Nehemiah 8:8 said they read from the Law of God. When a preacher opens up a text his hearers know that they are hearing from God’s word and not just a topic. They know that for the next 30-60 minutes they will be hearing what God has to say.
  2. Digging down, not across – usually in a topical sermon, the preacher needs multiple references to make his point. You’ll typically bounce from place to place in the Bible without really dwelling on any one particular text. Expository preaching parks you on one text for the majority of the sermon, it says in Neh. 8:3 that they read from morning until midday, that’s a long time to be in the word. When the sermon is finished, you have spent all that time in one spot, pondering what God is saying and digging deeper into one text rather than skimming the surface of a few.
  3. Fellowship in the word – next time you’re listening to a sermon, listen for a phrase like “and then it says in verse 3…” and watch the congregation. You’ll see a wave of heads drop down in unison to look down at their Bibles and see what the next verse says. It’s a great sight. But the best part is knowing that you’re all reading the same text, struggling through it, questioning its meaning and application for your lives. Neh. 8:1 tells us that the people gathered as one man in the square to hear the reading of the word of God. They were unified in their desire to hear the word and later on (verse 17) they were unified in their application of it.
  4. Great worship results – after hearing the word, the people went away to eat, to drink, to celebrate a great festival because they understood the words which had been made known to them (verse 12). The word convicts, it pierces, it breaks down pride, it divides but it in the end it always brings about worship. The people mourned first (verse 9) but were soon brought to a place of thankfulness and joy in God. We thank God for His word and the wisdom and truth found in it.
  5. Application is given – in verse 14 it says they found written in the Law what they should do. When we spend time searching through a passage, the application of it to our lives is easily found. There is no question as to the application when it comes directly from the text and no outside source.

Topical and textual preaching are necessary for the growth of the body and have their place on Sunday mornings. Expository preaching has such an impact and lasting effect because of the length and breadth spent directly in God’s word, searching for its meaning and application for our lives.

I’d like to hear from you, do you prefer one type of preaching over another? Is it important one way or another? Would you add to my list of 5 reasons? Thanks!

John MacArthur‘s personal claim is that he is committed to expository preaching and is one of the finest expositors of God’s word today if you would like to hear more.

D.A. Carson Lectures

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D.A. Carson spoke, along with Steve Lawson and Tim Challies, at the Nashville Conference on the Church and Theology. These are from back in February but I just now got around to listening to them. (HT: Andy Naselli)

I was particularly helped by Carson’s We Preach Christ Crucified which outlined the gospel very well.

ipodAlso, if I may, I’d just like to point out what a blessing it is for me to have sermons/lectures/conference audio to listen to while I’m in the car. I’m sure everyone has their methods for doing this but here is how I go about it, hopefully this encourages you to make good use of your time sitting in traffic:

  1. Get yourself an MP3 player and a cassette adapter for your car stereo, it doesn’t have to be an iPod, any device will do
  2. Find some preachers/teachers you enjoy listening to and download them to your computer (try here, here, or here for some help)
  3. Create a playlist on your computer and call it “unheard sermons” add all the sermons you downloaded to that playlist
  4. Sync your MP3 player with your computer and select your unheard sermons playlist next time you hop in your car
  5. As you listen to sermons remove them from your playlist so that you know which ones you’ve listened to in the past
  6. As you download more sermons, be sure to add them to the end of the list so that you don’t skip any

Please let me know if you have found a different or better way of doing this, I’d love to hear of better methods!

Sermon Recommendation

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An old one, but a great one from John Piper, Faith and the Imputation of Righteousness. Read, or listen.

Desiring God Blog Links

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The folks over at Desiring God have been putting out a lot of excellent posts in the past few days, have a look:


More Tim Keller Sermons

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Tim KellerI think just about everyone else on the web has posted these and I’m about 4 days late in doing so but, that’s ok. Reformissionary has posted some more free Tim Keller sermons, you can find them here. They are related to Dr. Keller’s book, The Reason for God, which is due out on February 14th. For some reason that date is a really easy one to remember and it’s been at the forefront of my mind ever since last year when they announced it.

Paul Tripp Sermon

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I didn’t think we were going to be able to do this, but this past weekend our local church was blessed to have Paul Tripp come and speak at our services and they have made the audio from it available here. After looking at Paul’s speaking schedule it seems he finished up in Reston, VA around 12:30pm on Sunday and then made it back up to Philadelphia, PA to preach at his own church at 6:15pm…so apparently Paul Tripp Ministries finally got that whole teleporting thing to work, that’s good.

Paul spoke on having an eternal perspective, keeping what is important, important, from James 1:9-11:

  • The poor man spoken of in James 1:9 is poor in material possessions but his high position is what is really important. He has a relationship with the very creator of all things and though he has nothing of value on earth, he has it all!
    • You know that you understand grace when you can stand in the midst of nothing and celebrate.
  • Our world is a materialistic, despiritualized, no-eternity, pleasurized society. All that the world values is of no eternal value.
  • The rich man spoken of in James 1:10 is rich only in earthly things and will pass away like flowering grass; beautiful one minute, gone the next.
    • Are you focused on what is important, Christ, or are you caught up in the things of this world?
  • A lot of times, the luxuries of this world can distract us from ministry. A story was told of a pastor in a very rich society who could tell how long someone had lived in that place purely based on their excitement level for ministry.
  • We can throw off the things of this world as we better understand grace.
  • Grace causes everyone to be on the same playing-field. God is not impressed with the world’s riches, He owns them anyways. God’s grace shows us that we are all equal and that none have anything we can impress God with.
  • Is your everyday life one that is the picture of someone who understands what is important?

Sermons….lots of em

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I really just wanted to post some new sermons from Tim Keller but I thought that would make for a slim post, so here are a few more:

That’s it, enjoy!