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In Uncategorized on March 17, 2010 at 6:54 am

One of the most difficult doctrines for me to grasp is the doctrine of the Trinity. Here is my professor’s simple breakdown:

  1. God is one
  2. God is three
  3. Each of the persons is fully God
  4. Each person is distinct from the other persons
  5. The three persons are eternally related to one another as Father, Son and Holy Spirit

I appreciate the simplicity of these five points. When taken together as a whole they help you get your mind around the doctrine. I think one big reason why it is still difficult to grasp is that we have never experienced this kind of perfect relationship.

In this world our relationships are filled with strife, disharmony, disunity, and negative feelings toward each other. Every day we experience some kind of conflict with another person that makes us feel disconnected from them. This has never happened with God. Ever.

It is rare, but we do get glimpses of what a harmonious relationship looks like. When a marriage is on one of its peaks. When a team of people is working so hard towards a goal they don’t even recognize a chance for division. When volunteers have gathered to do something good and selfless for someone else. None of these are perfect in the way God is but we get tiny insights into the Trinity when we experience these.

Have you thought about this? What relationships have you experienced that have given you insight into the relationship of the Trinity?